From the Corridor: Thoughts from the Bangladesh Under Secretary of Environment and Forests

After handing out a towering stack of press releases on the Tropical Forest Group’s REDD update, I ran into Mr. Rezaul Kabir, the Under Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forests, at the conference compound map. After admitting that we were both rather lost, I asked him his thoughts and hopes for the conference so far. Mr. Rezaul Kabir’s thoughts:

– that working toward climate change solutions “is not only the wirk of the most affected nations (such as Bangladesh). Success depends on a willingness to share (the weight) of the damage suffered from climate change”

– “for the sake of humanity, we must work to together to take a global stance”

– he stated that the US and other developed nations must remember that they are not immune to climate change; that it is ironic that some of these nations (and he pointed to me and said US) are pushing against global unity on this issue, whereas the world’s poorest nations are pushing ardently for it

– When asked if he is hopeful, he answered yes. “i am hopeful because this is the dempocratic sentiment of the majority of the world. the US and other developed nations can do a lot to decrease emissions and transfer technology to the rest of the world: that would be sharing.”

With this perspective in mind, i return to the fray. ’til the next!

Sara Bushey