2014 Class Gift

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Hey everyone,
We hope you’re all doing well and enjoying wrapping up final projects.  In the midst of all that will be happening in the next few weeks before graduation, we hope you’ll consider taking a few moments to participate in a special effort we’re putting together to raise support for the 2014 Class Gift.      
Here’s how it works: each year, the members of the graduating class make a collective gift to the Annual Fund in support of scholarships for future classes of students.  The donations classes made before us helped to provide the scholarship support so many of us have received at F&ES. 
Our Class Gift is an awesome way for us to continue the legacy of students giving back to the School that has given us so much.  Every $1,000 we raise will create a current use Class of 2014 Scholarship that will be awarded to a member of the incoming class. 
In the next few weeks we’ll all hopefully be able to take some time to reflect on our experience here and where it’s led us.  Take a moment to chip in what you can to the Class Gift—gifts of all amounts count and make a real difference!
Thanks from us and future F&ESers,
Ben, Beth, Desirée, Elgin, Elizabeth, Jen, Lynette, Max, Rex, Rob, Ty, and Will
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Honor Roll

Anonymous (15)
Brian Ambrette
Acheampong Atta-Boateng
Meredith Azevedo
Elizabeth Babalola
Laura Bakkensen
Sarah Barbo
Matthew Bare
Rex Barrer
Sonali Bhasin
Dominique Bikaba
Samara Brock
Michael Brod
Robert Buchkowski
Benjamin Butterworth
Gladys Caballero
Renzo Mendoza Castro
Star Childs III
Starling Childs II
Dream Choi
Howie Chong
Tess Croner
Bryan Crowley
Joanna Dafoe
Urs Dieterich
Sangay Thinley Dorji
Caitlin Doughty
Bryan Eckstein
David Emmerman
Caitlin Feehan
Benjamin Flores
Laura Franceschini
Benjamin Friedman
Rebecca Gallagher
Yufang Gao
Katharine Gehron
Klaus Geiger
William Georgia
Mariah Gill
Julia Golomb
Yiwen Gong
Caroline Goodbody
Aaron Greenfield
Emily Greenlee
Katherine Hagemann
Nora Hawkins
Tatiana Hayek
Tommie Herbert
Angel Hertslet
Gregor Hintler
Pablo Montes Iannini
Bailey Johansen
Chetana Kallakuri
Sarah Kettenmann
Joanne Klein
Marissa Knodel
Junxing Lan
Lynette Leighton
Mary Ellen Lemay
Fan Li
Meng Li
Tse Yang Lim
Desirée Lopes
Austin Lord
Zulimar Lucena
Diana Madson
Sarah Marlay
Elizabeth McGovern
Hanna Mershman
Leah Meth
William (Niancen) Miao
Jennifer Milikowsky
Victoria Montanez
Amy Mount
Valerie Moye
Shannon Murray
Avishesh Neupane
Lia Nicholson
Claire Nowak
Robert Orvis
Julius Pasay
Eric Plunkett
Rauf Prasodjo
Maclovia Quintana
Rebecca Rabison
Taylor Rees
Holly Rippon-Butler
Christopher Rooks
Benjamin Rothfuss
Devin Routh
Rebeka Ryvola
Anna Sakellariadis
Lauren Sanchez
James and Jacqueline Santana
Erin Schnettler
Bessie Schwarz
Matthew Sebonia
Lindsi Seegmiller
Alexander Shepack
Kevin Sherrill
Lin Shi
Cary Simmons
Juan Simonelli
Cecelia Juer Song
Hilary Staver
Stephanie Stefanski
Angela Steiner
Kelly Stoner
Lily Sweikert
Max Tattenbach
Sam Teicher
Beth Tellman
Gina Torregroza
Elgin Tucker
Karen Tuddenham
Lucas Tyree
Peter Umunay
Boloroo Uuganbayar
Kris van Naerssen
Marian Vernon
Andrew Veysey
Leila Virji
Constance Vogelmann
Yiting Wang
Paige Weber
Kaylee Weil
Alexis Weintraub
John Withall
Mark Woloszyn
Jeffrey Woodward
Jin Yin
Beatriz Zavariz
Alemayehu Zeleke