Tuition, Fees and Other Expenses

Cost of Attendance 2014-2015

  Single Married Married with dependents
Tuition and Fees
Student Activities Fee
$330 $330
Technology Fee $70 $70 $70
Living Expenses
$19,868 $24,368
Medical Insurance
$7,824 $13,126
Books and Supplies
$590 $590
Total Estimated Budget
$65,222 $75,024

Please note that financial aid is available only up to the Single cost of attendance. The Married and Married with dependents costs of attendance are for informational purposes only.

Tuition and the mandatory Student Activity and IT Fees are determined annually by F&ES and subject to change from year to year.

Living expenses are an estimate based on a recent survey of F&ES students and a base budget as determined by the College Board. Expenses include housing, food, miscellaneous personal expenses (e.g., clothing) and transportation (e.g., vehicle maintenance).

Medical insurance is an estimate based on the cost of coverage through Yale Health, the University sponsored medical insurance.

Books and supplies are an estimate based on a recent survey of F&ES students.

You may wish to use the cost of attendance as a means to budget your own finances and determine your need for loans or other supplemental funding.

Student Accounts and Bills

For further information, visit the Student Financial Services website.
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