Financial Aid Policies and Procedures

In academic year 2013-2014, F&ES awarded approximately $4 million in institutional scholarships to our Master's degree students. About three quarters of our students receive institutional scholarships in any given year.

The school offers financial aid packages primarily based on need but also with a merit component. A package often consists of an institutional scholarship, Student Assistantship, and loans for students with demonstrated financial need, as determined by review of the financial aid application materials, and merit, as determined by the review of the admission application materials. The amount of funding for each student is determined at the time of admission. Therefore, it is critical that the financial aid application deadline of February 15 for incoming students is met.

Students who demonstrate financial need may receive a scholarship to cover a portion of their total educational costs, which include tuition, fees, living expenses, medical insurance, and books and supplies. However, because funds are limited, scholarships cannot be awarded to all admitted students.

A student’s financial need is determined by an analysis of only the student’s (and spouse’s, if applicable) income and assets. The student is required to report any financial assistance he expects to receive from his family on the F&ES Financial Aid Application.

Less Than Half-Time Enrollment, including Continuous Registration

Please note that students enrolled less than half-time (i.e., for less than 6 credits in a semester) and students who are not actively working toward a degree, such as those in continuous registration status, are not eligible for financial aid from F&ES. Furthermore, financial aid awards are based on an assumption of full-time enrollment and will be revised proportionately should a student choose to enroll less than full-time. Students considering enrolling less than full-time should first consult with the Director of Student Services and Director of Financial Aid to understand the academic and financial consequences, respectively, of that decision.

Joint Degree Students

In most joint degree programs, a student splits her time between the two schools, spending one and ½ years at each school for a total program length of three years. Each school at Yale is financially independent, which means that the financial aid award a student receives at one school is not transferrable to the joint school. The joint degree student should follow the financial aid application procedures for whichever school the student will be paying tuition. If the student is paying tuition at F&ES, then she should apply for financial aid through F&ES. If the student is paying tuition at a  joint school, then she should apply for financial aid through that school. 
If the joint degree student is applying for admission to two schools simultaneously,  the student should apply for financial aid at both schools, also simultaneously.

5th Year Students

During their senior year at Yale College, students may apply for admission to the F&ES 5th Year program. These students sometimes defer their enrollment in the F&ES Master’s program for a year of outside volunteer work or employment. To be considered for financial aid for their enrollment at F&ES, these students must submit their financial aid application materials by the February 15 deadline prior to their matriculation into the program. This could mean that the student submits the financial aid application materials during his deferral or “gap” year. It is the student’s responsibility to submit all documents by the February 15 deadline.
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