Student Assistantships and Employment

  F&ES Student Assistantships* Research Assistantships Teaching Fellowships Community Service Jobs Other On-Campus Jobs
Financial Need Required** Yes No No Yes No
How to Apply Yale Student Employment website Contact center, program or professor directly Contact department or professor directly Yale Student Employment website Yale Student Employment website
When to Apply August Late spring or summer Late spring or summer August  August
Pay Rate (2013-2014)  $15/hour Variable $2,510 to $10,040/semester $12/hour and up $12/hour and up

* Please note that the F&ES Student Assistantship program is undergoing a restructuring for the 2014-2015 academic year. In 2013-2014 and prior years, the supply of positions has always been adequate to meet the demand of students seeking employment. Though F&ES continues to support the program, the loss of funding from a source outside F&ES will reduce the number of available positions in 2014-2015 and subsequent years. As the restructuring proceeds, we will publish additional information here as it becomes available.

** Financial need as confirmed by Office of Admissions & Financial Aid
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