MEM Specialization in Sustainable Land Management


Land management is a broad topic area that covers a continuum of resources from wilderness, to agriculture, to suburban and urban environments. Students interested in sustainable land management need to broadly identify with and focus on particular topics of their choice – such as land uses (e.g., urban, agriculture, conservation), biomes (e.g., tropical, boreal), countries or organizations (NGO, Government, private sector).

The specialization helps students to attain equal strength in the natural and social sciences. It broadly introduces students to the science of land management issues, followed by planning and policy responses. Below are sample courses built upon a framework that starts with intermediate and advanced courses in the natural and social sciences (1), then uses methods, measurements, and analysis courses to understand collection and analysis of both qualitative and quantitative information (2 a, b). Such information and the analytical and synthesis skills learned are then applied in management and capstone courses (3 a, b).


1. Sciences

Physical Science (examples)

Ecological Science (examples)

Social Science (examples)

2a. Methods for Quantifying and Measuring

Spatial Analyses (examples)

Measurements and Analysis (examples)

2b. Policy analysis (examples)

3a. Management (examples)

3b. Capstone (examples)


Students intending to specialize in Sustainable Land Management are recommended to take at least one course from each subtopic area of section 1 and at least one course from sections 2a, 2b, 3a, and 3b. Students seeking further counsel on selecting courses within this area should speak with their academic advisor or the Faculty Coordinator of the Land Management Specialization.

Faculty Coordinator: Mark Ashton

Specialization Faculty: Ann Camp, Susan Clark, Amity Doolittle, Alex Felson, Brad Gentry, Timothy Gregoire, Chad Oliver, Karen Seto, Oswald Schmitz

1 Course has prerequisites, an enrollment cap, or requires instructor permission prior to registering.
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