Climate Change Science and Solutions

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Purpose and Scope

Human induced climate change is one of the main drivers of the Anthropocene. The physical science of the earth's climate and its sensitivity to pollution is remarkably complex and an area of intense study. The resulting perturbations to the earth system permeate through and impact ecological and human systems. Businesses, ecosystems, industry, societies and political systems are all vulnerable to climate change and threats to air quality. These systems also impact the earth's climate system and interact with climate change to create negative and positive feedbacks. This specialization will focus on climate change. Two core specialization classes provides an advanced-level understanding of the natural and social science of climate change. Students must also take four elective courses on climate change or air quality more centered on their own specific interests. One of the electives must be a seminar that will pursue climate change topics at a more advanced level.

Specialization Coordinator: Peter Raymond


Two required courses.
F&ES (New) The Physical Science of Climate Change
F&ES 840Climate Change Policy and Perspectives


Students must choose three courses from the electives bin, and one course from the seminar bin for four required courses.


CDE 547 Climate Change and Public Health
ECON 331 The Economics of Energy and Climate Change
ENAS 673 Air Quality and Energy
G&G 742 Seminar in Polar Processes and Climate
G&G 830 Earth's Past Climates
F&ES 635Renewable Energy Project Finance
F&ES 638Carbon Footprints, Modeling and Analysis
F&ES 648Ethics and the Climate Crisis
F&ES 703Climate and Society
F&ES 773Air Pollution Control (APC)
F&ES 793Abrupt Climate Change and Societal Collapse
F&ES 814Energy Systems Analysis
F&ES 818Energy Access in Developing Countries
F&ES 841A Critical History of U.S. Energy Law and Policy (follows Law School Calendar)
F&ES 847Meeting the COP-21 Targets for US Greenhouse Gas Reductions: Legal, Policy and Technology Choices for the New Administration
F&ES 848Climate Change: Impacts, Adaptation, and Mitigation
F&ES 853The Political Economy of Global Energy Policy
F&ES 855Climate Change Mitigation in Urban Areas
F&ES 870Climate Change Mitigation and Industrial Ecology
F&ES 878Climate and Society
F&ES 976Cities in Hot Water: Urban Climate Mitigation and Adaptation

Seminar Electives

F&ES 701Climate Change Economics Seminar
F&ES 702Climate Change Seminar
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