MEM Specialization in Business and the Environment

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Among the most important questions facing businesses these days is how best to manage the environmental aspects of their operations, including:

  • Creating and marketing cleaner, safer and more efficient products and services;
  • Accessing financial markets for investments in environmental projects, resources and performance;
  • Developing new internal and external programs for managing and communicating about their operations in a more sustainable manner; and
  • Complying with, as well as shaping, environmental policies at the local, national and international levels.
The purpose of the “Business and Environment” specialization is to help students develop skills in these and related areas that can then be taken into and be of value to businesses across a range of sectors.


Sustainable Management

Environmental Finance


Students intending to specialize in Business and the Environment should consider taking a number of courses in both a business (sustainable management, environmental finance, entrepreneurship) and a resource (land, industrial systems, water, climate, energy). Resource-oriented courses are organized within the School’s specializations in Sustainable Land Management; Sustainable Urban and Industrial Systems; Water Resources Management; and Climate Science, Adaptation, and Mitigation. Students interested in energy-related courses taught outside of F&ES should consult the YCEI website. For work on policy aspects, students should refer to the School’s specialization in Environmental Policy Analysis. Students seeking further counsel on course selection should speak with their academic advisor or the Faculty Coordinator of the Business and the Environment Specialization.

Faculty Coordinator: Brad Gentry

Specialization Faculty: Maureen Burke, Ben Cashore, Marian Chertow, Bill Ellis, Tom Graedel, Matthew Kotchen, Reid Lifset, Robert Mendelsohn, Chad Oliver, Deborah Spalding, and Julie Zimmerman.

1 Course has prerequisites, an enrollment cap, or requires instructor permission prior to registering.
2 A capstone course.
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