Global Affairs Joint Degree (MA)


This joint-degree program combines the resources of Yale’s graduate Global Affairs program with those of the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. Students studying for this joint degree gain a cross-disciplinary understanding of the scientific, political and economic aspects of international resource management and environmental issues.


Students in the three-year joint program earn a Master of Arts degree (MA) in Global Affairs from Yale’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and one of four degrees from the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies (FES):

  • Master of Environmental Management (MEM)
  • Master of Environmental Science (MESc)
  • Master of Forest Science (MFS)
  • Master of Forestry (MF)

Global Affairs
The Global Affairs curriculum is designed to provide students with a strong grounding in the theories of the core disciplines of global affairs – economics, history and political science – while addressing policy and applied concerns. The program is relatively small, with about 22 students in each entering class. These students work closely with the director of graduate studies in Global Affairs to design an interdisciplinary course of studies tailored to their particular academic and career interests. 

The core curriculum required of all master’s candidates in Global Affairs includes seven courses: the foundations course in Global Affairs (INRL 700) and two graduate- level courses each in history, economics, and political science. (Courses approved for these six requirements are highlighted by the director of graduate studies each term.) In addition to the core, students within the Global Affairs master’s program take courses related to their area of concentration from throughout Yale’s graduate and professional schools. Each semester, the Global Affairs program provides its students with a “matrix” of courses, compiled from the offerings of the most relevant departments on campus.  

At least twelve graduate-level courses must be taken outside of the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies.

Students must demonstrate proficiency in a modern language and satisfy a research requirement.

For a listing of Global Affairs courses and courses in other programs that are applicable to the Global Affairs master’s program, visit the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs' MA program site.

Forestry & Environmental Studies
For information on the curriculum for the four master’s degrees at FES, see Masters Degrees.

All joint-degree students must complete the three-week FES summer training program, which imparts field skills and techniques considered indispensable to students pursuing careers in environmental research, management, and policy. Students in the joint program must also complete a summer internship arranged through FES.


Candidates must apply to, and be admitted by, each program separately. An offer of admission to one program is made independently of an offer to enroll in the other. Prospective students are encouraged to apply to and enter a joint-degree program from the outset. It is possible, however, to apply to the second program once matriculated at the first.

Fellowships, aid and grants
Fellowships awarded to joint degree students from the IR program are applied to the semesters in which the student is enrolled through Yale’s Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. For information on fellowships offered to IR students, see the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs Funding website.

For information about financial aid at FES, see FES Financial Aid.

For information on scholarships at FES, see: FES Scholarship Aid.

The joint program prepares graduates to address environmental issues in an international context. The interdisciplinary nature of the program, coupled with the varied and diverse interests of students who pursue the degree, opens up professional opportunities across the public, nonprofit and private sectors.

Contact info

Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
195 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06511
General information: 203 432.5100
Prospective students: 800 825.0330

Joint Degree Faculty Contact: Michael Dove

Global Affairs Program
P.O. Box 208206
34 Hillhouse Avenue
New Haven, CT 06520-8206
Phone: 203 432.3418
Fax: 203 432.9886

Jackson Institute for Global Affairs: M.A. Program
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