The Lewis B. Cullman Postdoctoral Associate

The Cullman Postdoctoral Associate is a joint position between the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and the New York Botanical Garden. The objective is to support early career natural and social science researchers to use an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems in the following or related areas of study: Agroforestry and Forest Management, Ecosystem Analysis, Economic Botany, Economic Evaluation of Tropical Resources, Ethnobotany, Plant Biodiversity and Conservation, Social and Policy Processes Affecting the Management of Plant Resources, Tropical Field Studies, and Tropical Silviculture.

The Postdoctoral Associate must work closely with faculty from both institutions and is expected to spend a minimum of 30% of their position at each institution.

Interested parties should contact faculty (F&ES) and research scientists (NYBG) in both institutions to develop a 2-year research program and obtain their nomination.


  • Individuals who have been awarded a PhD degree within the past ten years, or who are soon to be awarded.
  • Yale PhD graduates and individuals already in residence at Yale are eligible.
  • Yale University is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer.

Disciplines and Faculty Sponsors

The Cullman Postdoctoral Associate supports research on a variety of disciplines in the social, economic, physical, and biological sciences concerned with plants and people.

Associates will work under the mentorship of at least one Yale F&ES faculty member and one NYBG research scientist.

The Yale or NYBG faculty member will provide office and lab space, and research funds beyond the Associate's contingency fund.
Faculty pages are located here for F&ES, and here for NYBG.


Fellowships will be for a two-year duration, without the possibility of renewal.

There is the opportunity to teach a seminar course in the individual's area of specialization, and/or work closely with one of the F&ES Centers and Programs.

Annual compensation is $50,000 plus fringe benefits, plus $2,500 contingency funds. Additional research funds may be available, depending on the research proposal and budget submitted.

Nomination process

Nominations must be made jointly by a Yale faculty and NYBG research scientist who must both affirm that they will act as mentors and provide research infrastructure if their nominee is selected. Direct applications are not accepted.

The nomination letter must explain how the proposed mentor came to know the nominee, why the nominee is an outstanding candidate, and how and why the nominee's proposed research will complement that of their F&ES and NYBG mentors, and how the nominee will strengthen research and teaching collaborations between the two institutions.

Nominations should be submitted online. Please submit your letter of nomination to

Nominees are asked to provide the following in PDF format:
  • a 2-page research proposal
  • an abbreviated CV with a complete bibliography
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation
  • One (1) manuscript or reprint of a published work.


Faculty nominations are due 31 August.

Nominee's application materials are due 31 August.

Awards will be announced on or before 30 Sept. The awardees will begin residency at Yale University at a time negotiated with their respective sponsor.
For any questions or concerns regarding the application process, please contact:
Dr. Simon Queenborough
Director, Yale Tropical Resources Institute
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