Academic Advisors

The Registrar will assign a faculty member to serve as your academic advisor during your first semester at Yale.

The role of an academic advisor is to provide guidance for your overall program of study in fulfillment of Master’s degree requirements. Importantly, this includes offering advice on the selection of courses that best tailors your professional training at F&ES to your past experience and career aspirations.

Because you are welcome to seek professional advice from any faculty member, it is not crucial that the disciplinary expertise of your academic advisor correspond with your personal area of professional interest. Nonetheless, the Registrar will do her best to assign you to an advisor of your choice.

By February 15 of the second semester, students must identify a faculty member and formalize an advising relationship for the rest of the time at Yale. Note that the faculty advisor does not have to be the project advisor–but it would be encouraged to link academic and project advising.

Course Registration

F&ES course registration is available at for each student in a Master’s Degree program. Complete instructions for online registration are available online at Pre-registration is not required. It is advised that you attend one or more classes prior to registering for a course.

A penalty of $35 will be charged for any changes made after the Add/Drop Period.

The Add/Drop period ends one week after registration. An exception is made for those courses that have varying start dates–students may add/drop these courses for a one-week period after the course(s) start date. Add/Drop forms are available outside Room 108, Kroon Hall. Changes to your course selections cannot be made after the Add/Drop period.

Yale Courses Outside F&ES

  • Courses with level 200 or higher can be applied to degree credit requirements as an elective.
  • One language course of 100 level can be applied as course credit. Taking more than one language course must be approved by academic dean.
  • No transfer credits allowed. Only courses taken after a student officially matriculates to F&ES in a degree seeking program will count as required course credits.

Project Course Registration

A Project Course is a master’s project, independent study course, or for MESc/MFS students; Research Thesis Course Numbers with an F&ES faculty member. The faculty member does not have to be your academic advisor except for MESc/MFS students. Course numbers are listed in the F&ES School Bulletin. You should register for your project courses during the normal registration period. A Project Course Description Form with the signature of the faculty with whom you are doing the project must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the end of the Add/Drop Period.

Course Withdrawal

Students may withdraw from a course after the add/drop date up until the midterm for each semester—October 28, for fall semester; March 10, for spring semester. A fee of $35 will be assessed, and a grade of “W” will appear on the transcript. Changes made to Audit courses can only be done by the miderm in each semester.

International Student Registration

International students are required to complete a nonacademic registration at the Office of International Students and Scholars, 246 Church Street (203.432.2305) prior to registering and enrolling in Yale courses.

Continuing Registration Status

Master’s students who wish to pursue their research through a six-month or one-year internship are permitted to do so and are considered enrolled on a full-time basis (students are entitled to continue membership in the Health Plan and defer student loans). Upon return, the student will register as a full-time student and pay tuition for the period needed to complete his/her degree requirements. Students may not register for regular course work while on continuous registration status. A fee of $2,750 per term will be charged to the student wishing continuing registration status.