House Rules & Regulations

Building Hours

All buildings are open and staffed from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm weekdays during the academic year and 8:30 am to 4:30 pm weekdays during the summer. After hours, access is by ID card only.

Student Study and Lounge Areas

The best measure of whether a building qualifies as green may not be the solar photovoltaic array on the roof or the ground-source heating and cooling system, but whether people enjoy being there. If a building is not popular, is not liked, does not have social capital, it’s not going to work. On those grounds, the early evidence suggests that Kroon Hall works. The bright open spaces on the top floor of the building have become the hub of student activity and a central location for environmental activities across the university. The Knobloch Environment Center, with its high-vaulted ceiling, 55-foot-high glass wall that overlooks a grassy quad and provides abundant natural light, and comfortable seating, has changed the social dynamic of the school and itself has become integral to the success of events that it hosts. The student-run BYO Cafe ("Bring Your Own Mug") provides socially responsible coffee and fresh baked goods to the ever-hungry F&ES community. On the ground floor, the Ordway Learning Center has ample space for quiet study, contains over a dozen study carrels, two meeting rooms, several computer stations and access to a wireless network, all the while providing views of the building’s south courtyard.

The lounge and kitchenette on the first floor of Sage Hall are also available for student use for rest and relaxation. Please help keep these areas as clean as possible by picking up after yourself. This room is open for study, group meetings, etc.

Classroom Use

Seminars and small meetings may be held in the classrooms when they are not in use for classes or faculty or administrative committee meetings. All rooms must be reserved by completing the room request form on the School’s intranet For further assistance, contact Joan McDonald in the Dean’s Suite in Kroon Hall or at, 203-436-8240.


It is important to realize that the School is located in an urban environment in which crime is not uncommon. We at F&ES are deeply concerned about your safety at the School. F&ES has a Safety and Security Committee, and its members include F&ES faculty, staff and students; a Student Safety Subcommittee, co-chaired by the committee chair and a student co-chair, meets monthly and deals with all aspects of student safety.

Your Yale ID has been coded to give you entry to all F&ES buildings. Please contact facilities at or 432-2099 if your ID does not work on any of the doors.

Please observe some basic security considerations: Never leave your personal property—and especially a laptop computer—unattended, and always check to see that doors are locked when you leave a building after hours. Also, please check that windows, especially at ground level, are locked.

For more information, see Yale’s Public Safety website:

Weapons Policy

No illegal weapons, toxic substances, or illegal substances are allowed on F&ES property or at school events.

Alcohol Policy

Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies (F&ES) is a community of adults, and the responsible consumption of alcohol has a place within school- and student-organized events. Nevertheless, in view of the importance of promoting and encouraging the responsible use of alcohol in the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, the liability issues connected with alcohol service and consumption, and the need for full compliance with Connecticut state law, the following policies and procedures have been adopted by F&ES effective immediately.

In accordance with Connecticut state law, alcoholic beverages may be dispensed only to individuals who are 21 or more years old and may not be dispensed to any intoxicated person.

Alcohol may be served/consumed only in the context of school- or officially recognized club-sponsored events and may not otherwise be served/consumed on the F&ES campus.
The “F&ES campus” includes all F&ES buildings, courtyards and surrounding grounds.

  1. The Office of Student Services must be informed in advance of school- or officially recognized club-sponsored events at which alcohol will be served. Approval is contingent on clear designation of the organization sponsoring the event as well as the individuals in charge of the event.
  2. The Office of Student Services reserves the right to limit the amount of alcohol purchased and/or served at any event.
  3. Beer and wine are the only alcoholic beverages that may be served. Mixed drinks or other “hard” alcoholic beverages are not permitted. School funds may not be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages without prior notification. School funds may also not be used to fund private parties, whether or not alcohol is served. “School Funds” are any funds held in or disbursed from Yale University accounts; they include but are not limited to funds from corporate sponsors or from other school or student fundraising activities.
  4. Alcohol that is purchased with school funds, and that is served on the F&ES campus at the major events (Halloween, Holiday, End-of-Year parties, and the FC Auction) must be served by a bartender who is certified by TIPS or a similar organization, who is not an F&ES student, and who remains on duty for the entire length of time that alcohol is served. An F&ES student who has TIP certification may serve alcohol at the regular TGIF events.
  5. Only one drink at a time may be served to each individual.
  6. Whenever alcohol is served, appropriate quantities of non-alcoholic beverages and substantial finger food must be available at the same location. Potato chips, pretzels, etc., do not meet the requirement for “substantial” food. Consult the Office of Student Services for guidance.
  7. Alcohol served on the F&ES campus must be consumed within the room or area in which the event is held; taking open containers of alcohol to other rooms or areas is not permitted.
  8. A reasonable charge may be collected at events where beer and wine are served to cover the cost of attendance including food, alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic drinks. If a charge is imposed, it must be imposed on all attendees regardless of whether they consume alcoholic beverages.
  9. When a club or other student organization sponsors an event at which alcohol is served, a designated club member(s) must be present to receive the alcohol from the vendor and must remain throughout the event. Alcohol that is not consumed at the end of an event must either be removed by the vendor or secured in the Office of Student Services under the supervision of a member of the Student Services professional staff.
  10. The sponsoring student club or organization will be held responsible for any damages to physical facilities incurred as a result of the event. Costs of repairs may be assessed to the student club or organization and its officers individually.

The goal of this policy is to ensure the safety and security of all attendees at school- or officially recognized club-sponsored events, as well as university property. In those instances in which an individual appears to be intoxicated, F&ES encourages students to assist each other and also their guests, either by contacting the University Health Service (432-0123) if the person’s condition appears serious, or by helping to arrange transportation home.

Please see the information on Helping an intoxicated person at

It is imperative that an intoxicated person does not drive. Students are encouraged to be especially vigilant about this issue and to call a cab or enlist the help of sober friends to take the impaired person home or to the University Health Service in such instances.