Master’s Degree Programs

The Master’s programs of the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (F&ES) prepare students for professional practice or doctoral studies in environmental management or science or natural resource management or science. All two-year master’s programs have the following elements in common :

  1. Completion of the summer training modules in technical skills prior to the first fall term in residence
  2. Completion of the summer internship/research after the first year of studies
  3. A minimum of two full academic years in residence
  4. 48 credits of courses with satisfactory results
  5. A minimum of eight full courses (24 credits) selected within F&ES

Four two-year Master’s degrees are offered:

  1. Master of Environmental Management
  2. Master of Environmental Science
  3. Master of Forest Science
  4. Master of Forestry

Each of these degrees can serve as preparation for either professional employment or doctoral study.

For individuals with a record of significant professional accomplishment and over seven years or more of relevant experience, a one-year option is available for the Master of Environmental Management degree and Master of Forestry degree.